In June, 2011 A.A.L.I.V.E. began discussions about developing a Vocational Training Project. Our initial objective was to create something that would include a variety of jobs; and that we could adapt the tasks to connect with the skills of many special needs individuals.

Here's a sampling of some pins that have been made:

9/11 Remembrance Pin

Autism Awareness Pin

Breast Cancer Awareness Pin

Phillies Phever Unity Pin

This program is currently a Work in Progress. We have graciously received contributions in memory of our Champion Supporter and Exceptional Friend, Toni Carlino. These donations will be designated toward expanding our vocational training program by encouraging participation from more and more special needs groups. Toni's enthusiasm and lively spirit will continue to breathe through the heart of A.A.L.I.V.E.

We invite you to periodically check back to our website to stay informed on the progress of our Vocational Program. You may also contact us through our CONTACT US page.

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